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Check here often as Cay's schedule is filled with talks, book signings, articles, and other special offerings. Click Here for her classes.

Dr. Randall-May is a faculty member of the Holos University and Energy Medicine University. For More info please visit The Energy Medicine University.

Prayer Group has met continuously in Phoenix, Arizona since 1985.  Please request info on dates and times.  We follow the format described in the book, "Pray Together Now, How to Find or Form a Prayer Group" (Element Books, 1999; Vega Books, 2002).  Rev. Randall-May is available to assist you in forming your own interdenominational prayer group using the same format or one that you prefer.

Rev. Randall-May is also available to do weddings, memorial services, and other spiritually-oriented ceremonies in the greater Phoenix area.



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 Information about fees and appointment times for in person sessions or for special arrangements pertaining to scientific/technical intuitive sessions will be given on request.

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