Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.
13013 N. 23rd Place
Phoenix, AZ 85022-5126
Intuitive Consultant & Medical Intuitive (ABSMI)

Dear Client,
Thank you for inquiring about my services. I am available to give intuitive impressions concerning: physical well-being and the body’s subtle energy field; highest use of talents, enhancing your creativity, and soul’s purpose; personal and professional relationships; general life direction, deeper emotional issues, and scientific/technical product development. In addition, I offer intuitive and healing career mentoring. Please send the following to me at the address above:

A small photo or handwriting sample of the person who will receive the reading. An emailed jpeg image is very suitable. Physical photos will not be returned to you after the session unless return postage is provided. The photo can be up to two or three years old and can have other people in it. Please indicate who you are in the photo if there might be confusion.
An explanation of why you wish a reading. Questions can be open-ended such as, “Please scan my energy field at this time.” You don’t need to send detailed information.

$125 in US funds. Personal check or money order is accepted. Please do not send cash through the mails. Payment can also be made via Pay Pal. Please visit my web site , scroll down the ‘Readings’ page and click on ‘Add to cart’. You will then be prompted how to continue. Please note that the fee is somewhat higher when paying through Pay Pal because their fee is deducted from each transaction.

A completed and signed copy of the enclosed form, even if this is not a health reading. If you are paying via Pay Pal and wish to save time, the form can be faxed to me at
602-404-2191. Be certain to include your best contact information.

To set up our appointment, please call me at 602-404-8646. At the agreed time you will call me for our session and we will speak for up to one hour (depending on your budget for the call).

If you are in the Phoenix area please plan on visiting me in person for a reading or healing session.

For further information about books, classes, mentoring, and original artwork, please visit,, and my blog I welcome the opportunity to chat with you via Facebook.


Cay Randall-May

Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.
Intuitive Reading Disclaimer

Please Print
Country (if other than USA)____________ e-mail______________________________
Telephone (preferred)____________________________ 2nd______________________
Best time to call and best number to use________________________________________

How did you learn about me?________________________________________________
If you were referred, by whom?______________________________________________

I understand that any information shared during the reading is to assist me in understanding how spiritual, emotional, and psychological factors can lie at the root of illness, disease, and life crisis. The reading is not intended to diagnose or make attempt to cure other than by spiritual means. Nothing said, printed, or produced by Cay Randall-May is intended or meant to diagnose or prescribe a remedy for a disease or to take the place of a health practitioner or licensed physician.

I understand that Cay Randall-May does not diagnose or prescribe for disease conditions. Should I decide to use any ideas, tools, procedures, exercises or other suggestions I will do so at my own risk or only under supervision of a medical doctor or other health care professional.

As a client, I understand that I am encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services are appropriate. I understand that I am totally responsible for my own health care and maintenance.

I have read the above and understand and agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this disclaimer. I therefore consent to participating with Cay Randall-May in the energy/health reading.

Client Signature____________________________________________________


Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D., 13013 N. 23rd Place, Phoenix, AZ 85022-5126
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