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The following is a partial list of articles and books

by Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

"Pray Together Now, How to Find or Form a Prayer Group" Element Books, 1999; Vega Books 2002

Randall-May, Cay 1998, 1999 “Circle of Decades” in “Every Woman Has a Story”            Compiled by Daryl Ott Underhill, pgs. 3-6  

Towe, Bruce and Cay Randall-May 1999 “Analysis of Technically Inventive Dream-Like Mental Imagery” Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vo 13, No. 3, pp. 499-513 

Randall-May, Cay 1999 “When Self-Help Books Become ‘Thimbles of Water on a House Fire” Spirituality and Health Magazine, Winter issue pg. 17 

______________ 1999 “Prayer: Creator of New Life From Grief” Unity Magazine Nov. pps. 65-69 

______________ 1999 “Brick Walls Can Be Stepping Stones” healthlinks Mag. Vol. VI #2, pg. 5 

______________1999 “The Happiness Habit” New Mature Woman Magazine, Vol. 10 Number 2, pg. 6 

______________2000 “Peppers Are Good for the Heart” Practical Spirituality Magazine Winter issue, pg. 3 

______________ 2000 “Suicide Toll Can Be Fought” Arizona Republic Newspaper, Oct. 21, Guest Commentary

______________ 2001 “Real Easter More Than Colored Eggs” AZ Republic Newspaper,  April 14, Guest Commentary 

______________2001 “Give Thanks for Freedom to Worship” AZ Republic Newspaper, July 3, Guest Commentary 

______________2002 “All the Time in the World” Practical Spirituality Magazine, Summer Edit. Pg. 4 

______________2002 “The Prosperity Game” Practical Spirituality Magazine, Fall Edit. Pg. 4 

______________2003 “Mind Dust to Riches and Back Again” Practical Spirituality Mag., to appear in Spring Edition.


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