What is an intuitive session?

This page has been designed to answer questions about my work. 

A 'session' is also called a 'reading' and can be done in person or over the telephone. An average session lasts up to one hour. 

A tape is provided at no additional charge except for postage when mailed outside of the USA.

What information is covered in a session?

A general or medical intuitive reading begins even before we actually speak.  I start to receive intuitive impressions first about the physical body,  then about the energy body.  The energy I am referring to is called Chi, Qi, or subtle energy.  It flows through the physical body and extends beyond it for a distance of up to several feet.  I use my high sense perception (also called remote viewing or clairvoyance) in this portion of the reading.  For purposes of discussion I will give you a relative idea of how this energy is flowing through the body and the aura.  This is usually stated as a percentage of 'openness' of the various subdivisions of the energy centers called chakras. 

Please note that although I am a comparative physiologist/anatomist, I am not a physician and so do not diagnose physical or emotional illnesses.  My scan of the physical and energetic bodies  is an intuitive impression and you will be asked to sign a permission form for me to do this work indicating that you understand and agree to its applications and limitations. 

Many physicians and other healthcare providers throughout the world are utilizing impressions of medical intuitives and I will gladly provide my impressions to other members of your healing team.  Please ask how this can be arranged and any additional costs which might be involved.

Deeper issues, both emotional and energetic, often influence the progress or outcome of a health imbalance.  My readings may therefore touch upon past or present issues, experiences, or other factors which have a bearing on your life.

Relationships frequently have an influence on our well-being and they are often discussed in a reading.  You may wish to inquire about the effect your relationship with a particular person is having on your personal balance and well-being. 

Parents often consult with me about their children.  Please ask how we would approach your specific relationship issues in session.

Healings are usually done in person and include a reading and laying on of hands for restoring balance and strength to the field.  Distance healing is also offered, as well as prayer for the sick and needy.  You may also request group prayer for yourself or someone else, preferably with their permission.

Intuitive scientific/technical and creative support is also available.  We can examine what is holding you back from finishing that novel, short story, or other literary work. Remote viewing enables me to access technologies beyond the usual limitations of time and space.  I will gladly discuss how to arrange for this type of reading for product or process development. 

My sessions often are helpful in examining organizational problems, such as operational or personnel dynamics.  You may ask about how to improve overall productivity or identify potential applications or trends. 

Please see my contact page for how to get further specific information about my work and its potential usefulness to you or your organization.

Cost for a telephone session is $125 plus additional charge for mailing the tape outside of the USA.  (Payment in US funds only).

Please contact me directly for fees and availability for in person appointments.

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