What People Have to Say About

Cay Randall-May's Intuitive Services


Here is what some people say about Cay's abilities:

"I have known Cay Randall-May for the last 12 years and have followed her work with interest and respect.  Her ability as a medical intuitive is clear and responsible.  I have recommended her to patients who have found her information to be very helpful.  Her personal integrity and loving spirit bring a healing dimension to her work."... Gladys Taylor McGarey,  M.D., M.D. (H.)

 "Cay is one of only a few medical intuitives we trust enough to recommend and use at the Shealy Wellness Center.   She also is a gifted Spiritual Healer."... C.  Norman Shealy,  M.D., Ph.D. 

"Cay's intuitive readings,  body energy work,  and educational workshops have brought profound transformation,  insight and healing to my life.  I now refer my clients, family and friends to Cay."... Terry Gopadze,  Marriage, Family,  and Child Counselor

"I have experienced Cay's work as a client and as a physician.  Her intuitive analysis has increased the joy in my life and benefited my patients' health care enormously.  Dr. Cay Randall-May is knowledgeable,  caring, and marvelously intuitive while maintaining a groundedness that makes her contributions priceless." ...Michael R. Bandy,  D.C. 





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