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The following is a partial list of articles and books

by Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

"Pray Together Now, How to Find or Form a Prayer Group" Element Books, 1999; Vega Books 2002

Randall-May, Cay 1998, 1999 “Circle of Decades” in “Every Woman Has a Story”            Compiled by Daryl Ott Underhill, pgs. 3-6  

Towe, Bruce and Cay Randall-May 1999 “Analysis of Technically Inventive Dream-Like Mental Imagery” Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vo 13, No. 3, pp. 499-513 

Randall-May, Cay 1999 “When Self-Help Books Become ‘Thimbles of Water on a House Fire” Spirituality and Health Magazine, Winter issue pg. 17 

______________ 1999 “Prayer: Creator of New Life From Grief” Unity Magazine Nov. pps. 65-69 

______________ 1999 “Brick Walls Can Be Stepping Stones” healthlinks Mag. Vol. VI #2, pg. 5 

______________1999 “The Happiness Habit” New Mature Woman Magazine, Vol. 10 Number 2, pg. 6 

______________2000 “Peppers Are Good for the Heart” Practical Spirituality Magazine Winter issue, pg. 3 

______________ 2000 “Suicide Toll Can Be Fought” Arizona Republic Newspaper, Oct. 21, Guest Commentary

______________ 2001 “Real Easter More Than Colored Eggs” AZ Republic Newspaper,  April 14, Guest Commentary 

______________2001 “Give Thanks for Freedom to Worship” AZ Republic Newspaper, July 3, Guest Commentary 

______________2002 “All the Time in the World” Practical Spirituality Magazine, Summer Edit. Pg. 4 

______________2002 “The Prosperity Game” Practical Spirituality Magazine, Fall Edit. Pg. 4 

______________2003 “Mind Dust to Riches and Back Again” Practical Spirituality Mag., to appear in Spring Edition.


 W.I.L.D. Women Breakfast,  April 10, 2004, Cay addressed this spiritual and business networking meeting for women and men on the topic of "The Intuitive Life"

Association for Research and Enlightenment... Central Arizona Regional meeting April 17, 2004. Cay spoke on "Medical Intuition and the Work of Edgar Cayce"

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